Dutch Blue Marine: abbreviated warranty terms.

Warranties General:

  • Warranties conditions are specified in the offer and deposited at the chamber of commerce in Amsterdam.

Delivered Materials and Products:

  • If products are manufactured by third parties the relevant conditions of this producer or supplier are held, if desired these conditions and warranty provisions will be sent.

Excluded from the warranty

  • Parts subject to normal wear and tear to weather and environmental external.
  • Parts damaged by failure, insufficient or incorrect maintenance.
  • Parts damaged by use malpractice, from improper use, unauthorized use or expected.
  • The damaged parts by modification or unauthorized repair or tampering.
  • The damaged parts resulting from actions for alleged defects or casual checking.
  • The replacement of defective parts does not extend the warranty on the complete supply.  
  • Guarantees will terminate upon drift ice, weather conditions above gale force 8 and force majeure in any form.