• amphibian
  • 90 graden self propelled module
  • travellift
  • Boathouse firedepartment
  • stationary boatlift 80ton
  • boothuis transport
  • 4-post boatlift
  • Floating Boathouse
  • Elevator boatlift
  • amphibian cart + Sailboat treatment
  • Travellift Loadtest
  • Stationary Boatlift
  • Multivator
  • Floating boatlift
  • 15t Cart
  • multivator
  • Handling with a travel and cart
  • Motorized cart
  • boothuis
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Dutch Blue Marine, boat handling and storage equipment products. 

Your partner for high-quality, durable and user-friendly products in terms of boat handling- and storage equipment.
Dutch Blue Marine produces floating boathouses with boatlifts, which provide a total solution for your location, beside these activities we import stationary boatlift systems from the USA for Europe and we act as a sales agent for the Italian manufacturer Boat Lift s.r.l. 
The total offering that we supply includes a standard range to custom-built boat handling products, where your desire is central.

After viewing the website feel free to contact us for further information.


golden boatlift
Stationary boatlift systems with custom build solutions from 600- to 100.000kg
Floating boatlift dock with 2 mooring possibilities at the outside. 
drijvende bootlift
Semi-submersible floating boatlift that launches the boat without the use of electricity.
Tele-assistance for running conditions check and a patented 90 º steering system.
zelf aangedreven module
Modular configuration in combination with 90 º steering and standard self leveling system.

Modular design and developed according to CEN Eurocode April 2012.

Amphibious cart for handling on a slope with optional sailboat handling features.
voortgetrokken wagen
Towed trailer, optional expandable in width and steered wheels.
Various functional applications such as sailboat treatment and many more.