About us

Bart Mennen, founder / owner of Dutch Blue Marine has 12 years experience in the family business Hooch Watersport after studying Architecture. While working at Hooch Watersport revealed that a high total supplier in the field of boat handling and storage equipment was missing while there is demand.
This has resulted in the establishment of Dutch Blue Marine, your boat handling and storage equipment company.
Wiel Mennen from the company Hooch Watersport (www.bootlift.nltakes with its advisory role and collaboration 15 years valuable industry experience! Further knowledge and expertise comes from our solid team of engineers, constructors and the most professional suppliers.

Dutch Blue Marine has a complete range of custom built boat handling equipment and storage products. So delivers and develops Dutch Blue Marine in cooperation with the Hooch Watersport the Multivator floating boatlift and floating boat houses. In collaboration with the Italian boatlift builder Boat Lift s.r.l. (www.boatlift.it) several mobile load machines delivered and developed for the area northwest Europe. With the Amerikan boatlift constructor (www.goldenboatlifts.com) all stationary boat lift applications will be delivered till 100ton. For the company Golden boat lifts inc. we also act as the European distributor.

25 years experience in the maritime industry with the best products in the market gives you the guarantee of high quality, durable and user friendly applications. Besides our wide range of marine products, we continue to look for innovative developments and challenges. Challenge with vision and expertise will create future!.